Offering a Portfolio of Algae Products & Expert Advice 

for Algae SME’s, Corporates, Investors and Algae Stakeholders

The Food

algae food


  • Algae products & ingredients B2B
  • European market entry service
  • Business development service
  • Product development service
  • Plug&Play algae concepts
  • Market studies

The Nutraceuticals Industry

algae Nutraceuticals


  • B2B sales of nutraceuticals and functional ingredients
  • Development of formulations for specific indications
  • Partnering of own formulations
  • EFSA application support
  • Market studies

The Biomaterials Industry

algae Biomaterials


  • B2B sales of ingredients
  • Partnering along supply chain
  • Ingredients search on demand
  • Market studies

Investors & Stakeholders

investor and stakeholders


  • Support of business plan evaluations
  • Search for algae portfolio companies
  • Company building
  • Advisory positions
  • Workshops
  • Market studies

Focus on functional, unique and novel ingredients to solve markets needs sustainably.  

Discover Our Algae-Based Products & Ingredients

Functional, Efficacy, Plug&Play, At Scale
    • Health promoting alternative proteins (vegan VitB12)
    • Algae Superfoods
    • Private label consumer products 
    • Functional & novel ingredients, New flavors, Non-GMO 
    • Microalgae convenience foods
    • Partnerships & JV offerings 
    • Bio-based, renewable and nutrient-rich solutions
    • Natural efficacy with plant power
    • Private label formulations B2B
    • Proprietary formulations and functional ingredients 
    • Novel ingredients (in powder or liquid form) 
    • Innovative, sustainable, vegan solutions
    • Algae-Textiles 
    • Algae-Bioplastics
    • High-tech oils
    • Functional ingredients
    • Algae-based solutions on a project basis
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algae products pills
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Turning innovative algae products into profitable business solutions at scale

Based in Berlin, Germany, Naturcosmo GmbH has formed an experienced team of experts with proven track records in biotech, nutraceuticals, foods and phycology. 
Since our inception we've been developing and marketing innovative algae products and ingredients and fostering sustainable partnerships. We conduct market studies, help with European market entry services, support Corporates from various industries to integrate algae as “plug&play” solutions and champion circular economy approaches

Our clientele spans from algae producers to industries like food, nutraceuticals, construction, automotive and international investors. With our roots firmly planted in the heart of Berlin, we've grown into an internationally recognized medium-sized company. 

Join us in shaping a healthier, more sustainable world with algae.

Naturcosmo - algae-business experts
Naturcosmo - algae-business experts
Naturcosmo - algae-business experts

Meet Our Management

Alexandra Mosch - Founder & Managing Partner

I am a business expert, working passionately for more than 10 years in the algae sector to drive the change of the Food, the Nutraceuticals and the Textiles industries. With my work I am helping the industrial players to discover and understand the unique potential of algae for people’s health and planetary health and to create economically viable solutions along the supply chain.

Before having been entraced by the huge potential of algae, I started my career in the Biotechnology sector, holding executive financial positions in SMEs with novel technologies for drug development or new drug compounds. 

Acting Board Member of

Submariner Netwok
seaweed coalition
Alexandra Mosch

Team & Network

Your algae-business experts

We are working with a great team and network of experts from molecular biology, biochemistry, phycology, drug development, foods, plant-based protein production, sales & marketing, corporate finance and international consulting. 

Proud Members of

Submariner Netwok
seaweed coalition
seaweed coalition

Member of the Faculty of

Mentor at

Seaweed revolution


Microalgae and Seaweeds

Historically seen, algae have been amongst the first living beings on our planet, they were at the origin of all life on Earth. Therefore, they are naturally containing all the essential building blocks of life. As such, algae are a treasure trove of rare and unique ingredients known for their health-supporting effects. Furthermore, algae can be cultivated under controlled conditions, ensuring upscaling, safety for consumption and consistency. 

This makes algae an ideal starting point for a sustainable feedstock across various applications, contributing to circular, bio-based economic initiatives. At NATURCOSMO, we capitalize the enormous potential that algae hold for positive environmental impact across industries and novel products for various industries. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of algae products and services, turning algae innovation into a thriving business.

Naturcosmo - algae-business experts
Naturcosmo - algae-business experts
Naturcosmo - algae-business experts

Where to meet us

Naturcosmo - Your algae-business experts

EU Algae Awareness Summit

Meet us at Algae Pro Banos Mission Arena

in Gothenburg, 14-16.11.2023

Meet us at FIE

in Frankfurt, 27./28.11.2023

Get in Contact

Your algae-business experts
algae-business experts
algae-business experts
algae-business experts

Meet Our Management and Team

Naturcosmo - Your algae-business experts

Alexandra Mosch

Naturcosmo Managing Partner 

Advisory Board Member Algoliner, Germany 

Advisory Board Member Alga-Life, Israel/Germany 

Advisory Board Member Poseidona, Spain

Mentor at ProVeg

Mentor at EIT Food

Member of the Advisory Board of AlgaeProBanos 

Member of the Faculty of Futur/io 

algae-based products

TEAM & Network

Top quality by our team of experts 

Molecular Biologist, Drug Development

Biochemist, Algae Nutraceuticals

Phycologist, Algae food ingredients & Nutraceuticals 

Post-Doc Micro-Biology & Algae

Sales and Marketing Experts

Plant-based protein production

Int. Consulting 

algae-based products